Podiatrist Bentleigh

Do you need a new Podiatrist in the Bentleigh area?

Leah Waters has opened the Stride Podiatry Clinic on Nepean Hwy in Hampton East.

Just a 6min drive from Bentleigh down Jasper Rd (see google map below for directions).

If you would like your foot problems assessed by a professional Podiatrist, please call (03) 9939 3339 to make an appointment.


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Choosing the right Podiatrist for your feet!

Choosing the right Podiatrist for your foot problem is essential. For people that haven’t seen a Podiatrist before, usually the first thing they will do is get their family or friends to recommend a Podiatrist they have been to. If nobody you know has seen a Podiatrist before, don’t be scared to ask around other places like your sports club or the gym you go to. Making sure you select the right Podiatrist from the start will save you a lot of time.

In Australia, there are generally three different places Podiatrist’s can be found. These include Private Practices, Community Health Centres and Hospitals.

When considering going to a Podiatrist, keep in mind the type of Podiatry Services you need. Some Podiatrists are only able to treat general foot conditions, whilst others have the training and expertise to perform biomechanical assessments, requiring complex orthotic therapy. Some Podiatrists don’t get to treat many children’s foot problems, depending on what treatment experience they have had. The best way to make sure, your Podiatrist has the required competence to treat your type of foot problem, is to ring up the Podiatry Clinic and check if they can provide treatments for your condition. Typically you will be able to speak to clinic reception staff. If they are unable to provide you with enough detail, then you should get the Podiatrist to call you back when they are free to discuss with you. Another option is to check to see if the clinic has a website, where they may list Podiatry Services available.

Different Types of Podiatry Services

Do you have a foot concern like callous, blisters or infected nails that requires a general foot treatment. Or is a more advance surgery option needed, for something like an ingrown toenail. If you have Plantar Warts and need them to be treated, check that your Podiatrist has the correct equipment needed for this procedure.

Sometimes when you are receiving treatment for your foot pain, your Podiatrist will need to refer you on for further diagnosis. Using technologies such as x-ray or ultrasound. When providing orthotic prescription, does your Podiatrist offer the full range of orthotic options (custom, semi-custom, off –shelf) or can they only provide you with expensive custom orthotics? Your Podiatrist should be able to recommend to you an option, based upon your foots structure, required level of support, activity and budget to suit your feet!

If you are have foot problems, while completing sporting acitivities, your Podiatrist needs to have an understanding of the stresses of the sport you are doing, and be able to modify therapy to accommodate this.

Education of your Podiatrist?

When looking for the right Podiatrist in Bentleigh, it is worth checking what education your Podiatrist has completed. In Australia, they must have completed an approved University degree. Also check to see if they are a member of Podiatry related organisations, such as the Australian Podiatry Association or Sports Medicine Australia. Being a member of these groups requires additional commitments to learning and education.

How much should my Podiatrist cost?

The price of seeing a Podiatrist in Bentleigh Melbourne really varies. The thing you need to check, when comparing the different prices of clinics, is what you get. The major difference is the duration of consultation. Typically appointments are 20, 30 or 45mins. And this will affect the price the clinics charge. Make sure you ask how long the consultations are, as well as price. Typically you find the initial consultation are longer (and more expensive, around $20 more), to ensure the Podiatrist is getting a full patient history and background of foot problem.