Podiatrist Sandringham

Are you looking for a Podiatrist in the Sandringham area?

Stride Podiatry Clinic is a short drive from Sandringham to Hampton East.

To make an appointment, please call (03) 9939 3339

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Which Sandringham Podiatry Clinic to Use?

There are many tasks you can complete to take good care of your feet.

From wearing shoes that fit well, to completing consistent exercise, stretching the foot & ankles muscles, applying moisturiser, washing your feet daily…and there is one more activity that you can do.

That’s get professional medical advice from a Sandringham podiatrist.

Stride Podiatry Clinic in Hampton East, a very short drive from Sandringham, is a good place to start your search for a Podiatrist.

When you pick a Podiatrist, it is important to choose a Podiatrist who is Podiatry Association accredited!

Check the List of Podiatry Services Offered

On top of ensuring your Podiatrist has relevant credentials, memberships and keeps up with professional training requirements, the Sandringham podiatry clinic that you go to, should provide a comprehensive list of services.

Not all podiatry clinics are created equally and your foot problems may not be covered at your podiatry clinic.

Get a referral from a Sandringham doctor, physio or ostepath to see a Podiatrist?

Many patients visit our clinic after receiving a recommendation from another health care professional in the Sandringham area.

Whilst a medical referral is not necessary to see a Podiatrist in Sandringham (anyone can make a booking to see a Podiatrist),