Podiatrist’s Guide to the Best AFL Football Boots in 2019

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Podiatrist’s Guide to the Best AFL Football Boots in 2019

Podiatrist and VFL Veteran Oliver Tate Reveals the Best Football Boots for 2019


It’s the start of new AFL season, community football practice matches are in full swing and for most players this usually means searching for a new pair of football boots.

But which pair should you buy?

The wrong choice of football boots can result in a lot of discomfort as well as an increased risk of foot and ankle injuries including:

  • pressure spots and blisters;
  • sesamoiditis/stress fractures;
  • Morton’s Neuroma;
  • Plantar fascial injuries; or
  • Achilles’ tendon injuries among others.

With the huge range of football boots to choose from and some tricky feet to fit , we’ve reviewed what’s available on the market and created a list of the top AFL Football Boots for the 2019 season.

Whether you’ve got narrow feet, wide feet, play in the ruck or just want to know our top picks – we’ve got you covered!


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Guide to the Best AFL Football Boots 2019


Our #1 Pick: ASICS Lethal Testimonial 4 TI

Source: ASICS

A hugely popular boot amongst the AFL and the amateurs alike, and for good reason.

A good amount of cushioning through its Solyte midsole, and a 10mm heel height difference reduces some calf-Achilles strain and makes it feel comfortable under foot.

But those added perks aren’t at the detriment of performance as they still perform like a soft, lightweight and agile boot.

High stud length is great for many of the softened grounds here in Melbourne, and you won’t have to opt for the long stops much.

The Kangaroo Leather upper softens and gives as you wear them in, and makes even the worst of kicks feel flushed.

Overall, a reliably comfortable boot all year round.

Price: $270 RRP


Do you get sore feet wearing football boots? Click here to book an appointment with a Podiatrist. 


Our #2 Pick: Adidas Predator 19.1

Source: Adidas

We haven’t heard too many complaints about the Adidas Predator, and it has stood the test of time.

Adaptive but supportive upper hugs and hold the foot nicely, with similar comfort around the heel counter. The light, synthetic upper helps to keep the weight of the boot down for a slipper like feel.

The wide and supportive outsole allow for a nice stable platform and broad stud layout under foot. This outsole construction allows for even weight-distribution and good compatibility with orthotics or insoles.

Price: $280 RRP


Our #3 Pick: Nike Tiempo Legend 7 Elite

Source: Nike

The Tiempo has been a mainstay in the Nike Football range for a while now, with Nike improving it with regular innovation and upgrades.

This boot now includes Nike’s fkyknit technology which we all love in their runner and lifestyle range. The flyknit combined with a kangaroo leather outer provides an enhanced fit and comfort. Overall, this boot should feel light weight, yet stable and locked in.

Even stud layout under the forefoot is an improvement, with previous models being a bit hard under the big toe knuckle.

Overall, this boot is soft, comfortable, responsive and and all round winner.

Price: $270 RRP

Best Football Boots for Narrow Feet: Nike Mercurial Vapor

Source: Nike

Most of the low profile boots on the market fit reasonably snug. However, the Nike Mercurial has long been thought of as a great option for particularly narrow feet.

The slim anatomical soleplate in combination with the Flyknit and synthetic upper envelopes the foot for a firm hold around the foot.

The lightweight plates under your heel and forefoot are contoured for comfort and flex as you step whilst the chevron studs provide good traction for bursts of speed and abrupt halts.

When choosing a narrow boot, consider boots with synthetic uppers as they will hold their shape.

Good alternatives include the: Nike Mercurial Superfly, ASICS Menace, Adidas Nemeziz or Puma One

Price: $290 RRP

Best Football Boots for Wide Feet:  New Balance Tekala

Source: New Balance

The Tekala replaces the Visaro in New Balance’s 2019 football range but also the go-to-boot for wide feet. Both of the New Balance models for this season, the Furon v4 and the Tekala come in 2E (wide) width options, with the Tekala fitting noticeably wider.

The Tekala follows the trend of a lot of other football boots with the elasticated mid-cut mesh collar wrapping around the ankle and providing the ultimate locked in feel.

The supple polyurethane microfiber upper is comfort personified and absolute bliss, providing great touch and even better comfort.

Conical studs well dispersed under the foot and a flexible shank make this boot built for agility and manoeuvrability.

Stocked with a removeable Ortholite insert they are compatible with Orthotics or other inserts.  

For wide feet, also try Boots with Kangaroo Leather such as the Nike Tiempo, Asics Lethal Testimonial and Asics Lethal Ultimate

Price: $250 RRP

Best Football Boots for Ruckman: ASICS Lethal Ultimate IGS 12

Source: ASICS

This one is built for comfort, and not speed. But if getting around the ground isn’t necessarily your go, or you need some added substance under the foot, then the Asics Lethal Ultimate could be for you.

The Ultimate provides the best solution for ruckmen and big key positions players as most require extra cushioning and stability that this boot provides.

Featuring Asics’ Flytefoam midsole and GEL rearfoot, we’ve had many kids with Calcaneal Apophysitis opt for this boot.

The Kangaroo Leather upper provides great feel but also accommodates a wide foot well.

The stud configuration is diffuse and abundant, with a couple of patients with sesamoiditis and forefoot injuries also choosing this boot.

A great all rounder with all the bells and whistles, you also might like to use it as a recovery or training boot. Price:

$220 RRP

Our Football Screening and Boot Customisation Service

Here at Stride Podiatry we’re serious about reducing your risk for injury and increasing your comfort this football season.

We have a Football Screening Assessment which includes a range of structural and functional tests aimed at highlighting any risks for injury.



The assessment takes into account:

  • Injury history;
  • Playing position, level and training loads;
  • Current footwear; boots, runners and work;
  • Lower Limb flexibility and strength testing; and
  • Running and dynamic evaluation.


Following the assessment your Podiatrist can:

  • Provide recommendations on appropriate Football Boots;
  • Tailor a prehabilitation program aimed at reducing your risk of foot and lower leg injury; or
  • Customise your current or recommended Football Boots.


A number of adjustments can be made to your football Boots to increase their comfort and reduce your risk for injury including:

  • Heel lifts and wedging;
  • Forefoot padding and Metatarsal Domes;
  • Padding and stitching of the tongue or heel counter for dorsal exostosis and haglund’s deformity;
  • Lacing alterations and techniques;
  • Stud grinding;
  • Prefabricated Orthotics; and
  • Customised Orthotics.

Read our full article on football boot customisation click here.

To book a Football Screening Assessment with a Podiatrist call 9939 3339 or click here to book online.

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