BS Braces Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment with BS Braces

Are you looking for ingrown or involuted (curly) toenail treatment that doesn’t require surgery or local anaesthetic?

  • Nail Bracing treatment is a gentle alternative to nail surgery for involuted or ingrown toenails.


What are Ingrown, Curly or Involuted Toenails?

When people experience toenails that grow into the surrounding toe skin this can cause pains, create inflammation and led to nasty infections. Whilst this can occur on thumbs and fingers, it is more commonly seen with your feet nails. These problems can be caused for women and men of all ages. This can be caused by a range of issues such as:

  • Genetic factors;
  • Fungus; 
  • Incorrect nail cutting; and
  • Poor footwear choices (ie size or shape).


BS Brace Toenail Treatment

Modern Podiatry treatment for ingrown toenails is done mainly with braces and to a lesser extent with nail surgery.

The BS Brace is a thin, plastic, flat spring which gets attached to the nail across the base of the nail. The brace works by slowly raising the edge of the nail, helping relieve the pressure from the channels of your toes and therefore reduce pains.

This process slowly corrects abnormal nail growth and improves the aesthetic of your nail.

The treatment process is:

  1. Application of adhesive to the BS Brace surface that will contact the nail;
  2. Application of BS Brace to the affected nail;
  3. Removal of the magnetic points; and
  4. Adding of sealer to keep BS Brace on your nail and allow patient to continue normal activities.


History of BS Brace

The “BS Brace” was invented by Bernd Stolz after recognising that thousands of patients experience painful curved, involuted and ingrown toenails without classical Podiatry providing an effective solutions.

Other braces existed that used metal hooks, but these tended to cause additional inflammation to patients.

Bernd Stolz developed the idea that a nail brace should be applied without hooks to ensure comfort for the patient.

Various tested led to the used of Duroplast strengthened fibre glass.