Corns and Calluses

Are you looking for Corns and Calluses Treatment on your Feet?



Corns and calluses are skin changes that occur as a result of repetitive skin trauma which can be both cosmetically unpleasant and quite painful!

If you are noticing corns develop on your feet you should seek immediate Podiatric treatment for corns.

In this article, we will cover these skin conditions in a bit more detail discussing:

  • What Corns & Calluses are
  • What they are caused by
  • How Corns and Calluses are removed
  • Treatments available for Corns & Calluses
  • Costs of removing Corn & Calluses


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What are Corns and Calluses?

Corns and calluses are not the same.

Corns are areas of callus, which under further pressure develop a hard nucleus in the centre.

Corns can occur at any site, though Corns are most common on the foot (foot corns).

Calluses are also hardened areas of skin that are yellowish in colour and are predominantly seen on the heels or ball of the foot.

They are also commonly seen on the inside of the big toe joint or the outside of the little toe joint.

Unlike corns that are clearly defined on the skin, calluses tend to be a lot more ill-defined.

Calluses can be very large and develop many layers of hard skin.



What Causes Corns and Calluses?

There are a few causes that can lead to corns and calluses.

For the purpose of simplicity, these have been listed separately for you below:

Causes of Corns on feet

  • Poorly fitted shoes – these can result in high pressure on a small area such as a joint. For women, tight fitting heels commonly cause corns to form over the little toe.
  • Underlying bone deformity – they can occur if there are underlying bunions or hammertoes.


Causes of Calluses on feet

  • High-pressure areas due to biomechanical anomalies – high pressure due to uneven distribution of body weight, which results in callus formation along areas such as the heel and the ball of the big toe. This is because these are sites of contact between the foot and the ground. It is natural to assume that athletes and people who walk barefoot are at a higher risk of developing calluses.
  • Advancing age – This is mostly because the protective fat pad at the bottom of the feet is lost with age.
  • Underlying boney deformity – similar to corns.


Of course, corns and calluses can also occur in the palms as well, especially in rock climbers and weight-lifters.

Diagnosis is made on clinical examination by your Podiatrist or doctor.



Corn Removal Treatment and Callus Treatment

Treatment of corns and calluses can be expertly provided by Podiatrists. Below is the treatment advice they may provide:

  1. Wear comfortable/appropriate footwear – This is probably the most important step.Wearing comfortable,well-fitted shoes, prevents the constant friction that can make the skin prone to corns and calluses.
  2. Basic home treatments/prevention – There are a variety of different files and pumice stones on the market which you can use to buff or file back hard layers of skin.Regular moisturising can also help to reduce the severity.These options do not treat the underlying cause.Soft insoles can be used to relieve pain.
  3. Corn and callus removal – This will be conducted by a Podiatrist.Callused lesions and corns can be simply debrided or removed with a scalpel blade.This is usually a pain free treatment and relief from these painful lesions is usually provided within a few minutes.A Podiatrist can also address the underlying cause of corns and callused lesions to reduce their likelihood of re-occurrence.



How much does Podiatrist Corn Removal cost?

You’re probably wondering how much it costs to have a Podiatrist remove your corns from your feet?

At the Stride Podiatry Clinic, our Podiatrists are trained to remove corns and callus.

An initial consultation with one of our Podiatrists will cost $98 AUD.

Any further appointments that are needed will cost $84 AUD.

Podiatrist callus removal is the same cost.

In some cases, private health insurance cover with Podiatry included in the extras will cover the cost of your appointment.

To make an appointment to see a Stride Podiatrist call (03) 9939 3339 or book online here.



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Conclusion on Corns and Callus Removal

Corns and calluses are a common skin problem.

But when you get Corns on Your Feet in particular, it can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience!

Your Podiatrist can provide useful advice and effective treatment to remove corns and calluses permanently – make an appointment to see a Stride Podiatrist today.