5 Ways to Fix Your Sore Feet After a Day at the Races

sore feet from high heels

5 Ways to Fix Your Sore Feet After a Day at the Races

sore feet from high heelsThe Melbourne spring racing carnival is a fun event where we get dressed up, catch up with friends, enjoy a few champagnes and pick some winners.

However, after a long day of standing on your feet in new or uncomfortable shoes, you can often leave the track with a number of foot pains including blisters, corns/calluses and heal pain.

Therefore, you need to make sure you take care of your feet in the days after going to the races to make sure your feet recover and don’t remain in pain!

In this article, we’ll explain 5 ways to help fix your sore feet after a day at the races.


  1. Wear comfortable footwear and avoid the shoes that have caused you the problems!

    The easiest way to reduce sore feet from a day at the races can be by picking comfortable footwear for the next couple of days.

    Leave your fashionable race shoes in the cupboard for at least the next couple of weeks and instead opt for a more supportive, comfortable and cushioned pair of shoes like your favourite pair of runners or sandals.

    Whilst walking around the house barefoot can be another great way to help relieve your foot pain, don’t be tempted to walk outside barefoot as you increase the risks of further damage!

  2. Massage the underside of your foot

    The cause of your sore feet could be the result of tightened muscles or tendons in your feet.

    By gently massaging the underside of your feet you can help relieve some of the tightness by increasing blood flow and providing some relaxation to your muscles.

    The use of a tennis ball, lacrosse ball or massage ball can be a great way to alleviate your sore and tired feet.

    Before and after your massage, use a heat pack under the foot to help warm up the muscles and increase the blood flow to the area.

  3. Apply moisturiser cream

    Your feet after a day at the races can become dry and damaged.

    By applying a sorbolene based moisturiser cream such as QV Skin Lotion you can help your feet speed up the recovery process.

    The best time of day is often right before bed before you slide between the sheets, as the cream has time to penetrate and moisturize while you’re not running around on them.

    Be careful not to use moisturiser on any broken skin as this can cause further irritation, or even infection.

  4. Stretch out your feet and calves

    The wearing of high heels for long periods of time can place additional stress on your calves.

    By performing some light calf and foot stretches you can relieve aching feet and improve recovery.

    Be careful not to overstretch or bounce when stretching your calves and hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds on each side of the body.

  5. See a Podiatrist

    Lastly, there are some situations where your foot pains may persist event after attempting to resolve them with the steps above.

    This could indicate that the problem could be much worse and need the attention a qualified Podiatrist.

    Your Podiatrist will be able to assess your foot problem, provide you with a diagnosis and where needed deliver treatment on your foot condition.

    If you’re still suffering from sore feet that you’ve acquired after a day at races last week, please make an appointment at the clinic online or by calling 9939 3339.

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