IsOverweight… Sometimes we have to address the Elephant in the room

IsOverweight… Sometimes we have to address the Elephant in the room

Poised nervously over the scales with unrealistic optimism, I step onto them, first with my right, then my left. As the scales wake up and begin their turnstile calculation, I subconsciously cross my fingers in the hope it will bring me good luck… But there’s no luck in this circumstance, the scales don’t lie.
90.4… wait, that can’t be right.

I adjust the scales, places them over single tile rather than strewn across 4 different ones and go again.

89.0… that’s a little more realistic, but still well over par.

To put it in context, my playing weight for football over the past couple of seasons has been 85-86kgs. My pre-race weight for the Singapore Marathon hovered between 84-85kgs. The stark reality hits… It’s been one hell of an ISO.

I’m sure many of you can relate.

Numerous visits to the fridge out of pure boredom. Just “one or two” beers or wines, most nights of the week as every night feels like a Sunday night. Ordering your favourite pizza, fish and chips or whatever you can find on ubereats because “we should support the locals”.

Yesterday the Herald Sun published an article stating that over half of Australis has put on weight throughout isolation. Now normally we take everything the Herald Sun publishes with a grain of salt, although much like anything edible throughout isolation, I ate the salt too.

Our exercises habits have changed, with many people increasing their daily walking as it the most convenient and easy way to exercise within the confines of the law. However, without the incidental walking to and from work, running between activities and errands, we may still be findings ourselves in step count deficit.

For many of us without organised sport or the ability to attend gym or personal training, the intensity in which we exercise is well down.

Isolation sure has done a number on us.

The fact is the added kilo’s and changes in exercise routine always affects the foot. It has been shown that an increase in body weight is associated with increases in foot pain and poor foot function. We have certainly noticed a trend in patients attending complaining of foot pain who have adjusted both their exercise routine and had an increase in their body weight.

Please don’t take offence if we ask about your weight as it is an important factor for us to understand in managing your foot pain.

Sometimes we have to address the Elephant in the room.

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