Travel Advice From a Podiatrist. 4 Must-See Travel Tips!

How to avoid sore feet from walking when traveling around the world

Travel Advice From a Podiatrist. 4 Must-See Travel Tips!

With so many of my patients heading overseas to escape the cold Winter weather, I thought I’d write an article with a few quick travel tips to ensure that your feet are comfortable for your travels!

There’s absolutely nothing worse than having sore feet and aching feet while trying to enjoy your hard earned time off work!

  1. Firstly – you need to ensure your feet are in tip top condition before you consider leaving home. If you have any callous, corns or nails starting to dig in, get them sorted before you go to avoid blisters and infections during your trip.Also if you have niggles such as heel pain, arch pain, bunion pain or knee pain, have this assessed and treated before you go.What may be a minor issue now could become a real problem when you are away.Walking on uneven surfaces such as cobble stones (especially in many old European cities), or simply walking more than you usually do could aggravate these problems.Often some simple stretches or exercises may be all it takes to settle these problems.
  2. What shoes are you planning to take? This will be dependent on the climate of your destination, the activities you have planned and also the amount of luggage you are taking.Consider factors such as the weight of the shoe, cushioning, support, versatility and the possibility that you may be wearing them day in day out for weeks on end.If you are planning to take new shoes, make sure they are well and truly worn in before you go to avoid any surprise blisters.A few of my favourite stores for shoes to travel with are:www.baredfootwear.com.au – They offer a great range of Men’s and Women’s dress and casual shoes with supportive, cushioned innersoles. I wore a pair of their sandals for most of the warmer parts of my recent trip and my husband also took a pair of their suede lace up shoes for dinners out and walking around cities.www.frankie4.com.au –These were my go-to traveling shoes when traveling recently. I wore the Ellie sneakers for most day to day traveling and walking around cities. They were brilliantly comfortable and still looked good with jeans, shorts and skirts. Frankie4 also have some great sandals, boots and ballet flats depending on the type of travel you are planning to do.www.thewalkingcompany.com.au – A huge range of Men’s and Women’s shoes from sandals to casual shoes through to full hiking boots. Look for brands such as Merrel, Keen, Birkinstock, Naot, Teva and Salomon.

    Other shoe options to consider – Brands such as Ecco and Rockport have been doing a great range of shoes for traveling for many years.

    Also options such as Asics, Nike and New Balance have some great casual sneakers with good cushioning and support. (Just avoid any of the really flat, flexible styles).

  3. Avoiding infections – When you are traveling to different climates and often showering in different hotels you are at an increased risk of picking up Tinea (athlete’s foot) and also Plantar Warts (Verruca).Make sure you wash your feet well and if in doubt wear rubber thongs in the shower and around pools.Tea-tree oil or spray is also a great option to use as a preventative to reduce the risk of infection developing.
  4. Flight socks – Are you traveling a long distance?Have you suffered with swollen feet and ankles after a long flight before?We now have available light weight flight socks in a variety of compression levels and sizes to ensure you fly comfortably.They are a knee high sock and come in black or beige, looking like a normal business sock.I can measure your feet and legs to ensure you get the correct size if you need help.

Traveling to new and exciting destinations can be such an incredible experience. It can also be an unpleasant one if all you can think about is getting back to your hotel to take your shoes off.

Follow these steps now to ensure you remember the sights and smells rather than how much your feet were hurting!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at the clinic.

Please feel free to forward this onto anyone you think will find it useful 🙂

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