Cam Boot Walker Fitting Melbourne

Are you trying to buy a moon boot or cam boot walker in Melbourne?

It’s hard to believe how difficult it is to find a cam boot supplier in Melbourne!

Stores like Chemist Warehouse don’t even stock moon boots (also known as cam boots).

Depending on the cam boot manufacturer and the individual patients foot conditions, there is a specific technique for fitting Controlled Ankle Mobility (CAM) Walkers correctly.

In some cases, customised inner soles may need to be built to fit inside your moon boot to decrease pressure from injured areas.


This is why we suggest that you visit a qualified Podiatrist to get your Moon Boots fitted correctly.

You can book a moon boot fitting with a Podiatrist by calling (03) 9939 3339 or clicking the button below:

What is a CAM walker boot?

AKA a “moon boot”, a CAM Walker allows immobilisation of the foot and ankle to decrease pain and swelling following injury or surgical procedures.

The boot allows for partial weight-bearing and reduced load through the injured tissue, providing a safe and secure environment to promote healing.

The walker allows you to maintain adequate mobility for your daily activities whilst ensuring your injury is healing efficiently.


What Conditions is a CAM Boot Walker used for?

The CAM Walker is required in the management of:

  • foot and ankle fractures such as avulsions and stress fractures;
  • severe ankle sprains;
  • post foot and ankle surgery; and
  • sometimes required for soft tissue injuries such as plantar fascial tears and Achilles tendon injury.

Any injury that requires rest and immobilisation will benefit from the CAM Walker at some stage throughout your treatment plan.


What you need to know about fitting a CAM walker?

A CAM walker can take some time to adjust to and it is recommended you have a Podiatrist assist you in fitting it up to ease the transition.

When fitting up a CAM walker, we will ensure the correct size is chosen for your foot and lower leg shape.

We can apply extra padding around bony prominence’s and areas we think might be problematic.

We will show you how to apply the boot properly and provide a gait assessment and some advice on how to best use one to speed up the adjustment period.

Because the sole of the walker is quite thick, it is necessary to consider the footwear you use on the alternate foot.

We can provide recommendations on which footwear you should be wearing or provide lifts to adjust your opposite shoe.


How long will I need to use the CAM walker for?

The time frame for use is dependent upon the extent of the injury and can vary from patient to patient.

Most people will spend 4-6 weeks for soft tissue injury, and 6-8 weeks plus for bone and joint injury.

It is important to transition out of the boot in a slow and controlled manner, gradually decreasing your use of the walker as you return to full weight-bearing.

All those weeks in the walker leave the foot and ankle weak and de-conditioned.

A rehabilitation program will be developed to take into account your injury and time in the walker.


Is it okay to buy cheap cam boots online?

These days, after a bit of Google searching, you seem to be able to find a wide variety of cheap moonboot options from places like eBay and Gumtree.

The complaint that I hear from patients who have bought the cheaper camboots online is that they can be:

  • heavier than the higher quality ones that Podiatrists have access to; and
  • that they lack padding.

Heavy camboots can be a real issue as this may put additional stresses on your already injured foot & ankle. Also, inadequate padding inside your moonboot can cause discomfort and in some causes cuts and bruises.

On top of this, the prices of the Podiatrist supplied camboots are usually very similar to the cheap online versions.