Custom Football Boot Fitting

Do You Need a Podiatrist to Customise Your Football Boots?


Do you find it hard to find a pair of football boots that fit perfectly? Are you always finding that your footy boots are giving you blisters or bruising? Do you find it hard to fit your orthotics in your football boots?

Then you might benefit from our Football Screening Assessment  service conducted by VFL veteran Oliver Tate.

Oliver can complete an assessment on your unique foot & ankle problems, taking into consideration previous:

  • injuries,
  • football boots,
  • strength,
  • range of movement,
  • posture and
  • biomechanics

Information collected during the assessment is then used to inform any treatment plans or modifications your carried out on football boots.



What is Custom Football Boot Fitting?

Custom Football Boot Fitting is the adjustment of some of the modifiable aspect of your boots to improve their fit, comfort and reduce your risk for injury.

Boot fitting involves a thorough history and physical assessment to determine what modifications need to be made to improve your football boots.



What adjustments can be made to my Football Boots?

The adjustments that can be made depends on the style of boots.

For most boots we can:

  • Grind the studs under high pressure bony prominences
  • Position padding to offload joints and reduce irritation
  • Re-lace the upper to reduce irritation and improve the heel hold
  • Stitch padding into the tongue or upper
  • Stitch the tongue to the upper to improve fit
  • Stretch the upper to provide extra width
  • Insert heel lifts, prefabricated orthotics carbon-fibre spring plate or custom-orthotics if required for specific injuries



What types of injuries can it help reduce?

  • Sesamoiditis/sesamoid fracture
  • Plantar Plate Injury
  • Bunion Irritation
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Haglund’s or Dorsal Exostosis irritation
  • Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy



What is involved in an appointment?

An Football Screening Assessment takes place involving injury history, boot and footwear history, strength and range of movement assessment, foot posture and biomechanical assessment.

All this helps to determine what modification might be useful and guide any further investigations or treatment if required.

Most modifications can be made on the spot, however some adjustments that require stitching may require a 24 hour turn around.



How long is my appointment and how much does it cost?

The Football Boot Fitting Service is a 45 minute appointment billed at $98 under the item number F002.

Private Health rebate is dependent on each individual fund.