Further Investigations for Foot Problems Melbourne

Foot Further Analysis

Sometimes it is necessary, to determine exactly what is happening with your foot, under the skin’s surface.

In these situations, your Podiatrist will be able to refer you for scans to determine what the cause of your foot problem could be.

Podiatrists are able to refer patients for X-Ray, Ultrasound Scanning and Pathology were required to support the precise diagnosis of your foot problems.

X-Ray Imaging is requested for a number of reasons including:

  1. To establish accurate diagnosis
  2. To clarify the seriousness of a foot injury
  3. To observe changes in foot conditions like osteoarthritis
  4.  To examine and evaluate changes in growth plates
  5.  To reject more severe pathology
  6.  To help with other procedures like cortisone injections

Foot X-Rays Melbourne

See the video below to see how an X-Ray specialist would take X-Ray Projections of your Foot.