General Foot Care

General Foot Care

Treatments in Melbourne VIC



What is General Podiatry?

General Podiatry is simply the routine treatment and management of your toenails and other skin conditions.

General Podiatry Treatments include:

  • Nail trimming and cutting for patients who due to other medical conditions are unable to take care of.
  • Management of problems such as corns, callous, warts, blisters, nail and skin infections or simply elongated or thickened toenails.
  • Treatment of Fungal Toenails that have become discoloured (yellow sometimes) and thick.
  • Treatment for bad athlete’s foot and smelly feet.

Nail Trimming may sound like a minor problem, but for some people it can be a major source of stress and irritation.

Don’t stress any longer, your Podiatrist will be more than happy to provide these services to you.