Movement & Gait Analysis

Are you looking for a Podiatrist to perform Running Gait & Movement Analysis?



What is Gait Analysis?

Put simply, Gait Analysis is a technique used to evaluate the way we walk or run to determine if any biomechanical irregularities exist.

Gait Assessment is the key way to identify irregular forces affecting the joints, muscles and ligaments that may be causing mobility issues or foot pain.

People that undergo Gait Assessments include Athletes with persistent lower limb overuse injuries, toddlers and infants that display excessive intoed walking, and children that complain of heel pain.

In reviewing the Gait, video’s are taken to assess potential areas of problems.

This is a great way to highlight to patients, their inefficiencies.

Gait Analysis is performed on a treadmill, which allows your Podiatrist to change the speeds to suit the typical activities that you undertake.

Whether it be walking, jogging or flat out running.

The speed of your activities increases the forces placed on your foot.

So while the foot may be completely fine during slower activities like walking, you may experience large amounts of pronation at faster speeds.

Once gait inefficiencies are determined, your Podiatrist can provide a treatment plan to ensure that future injury is reduced.

Treatment may be as simple as changing the type of shoe your wear.

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