Footwear Advice and Prescription

Podiatrist Recommended Shoes


I think you’ll agree with me when I say that choosing the right pair of shoes for your foot type can be hard!

This can be made even more complicated if you have to deal with using podiatrist orthotics or you have other medical conditions like diabetes.

So, which pair of shoes should you buy?

Fortunately, now there are many different brands and types of shoes made to accommodate different functions and fits, but even this can be tricky to untrained eye.

That’s where a Podiatrist can come in!

A Podiatrist is well placed to prescribe you with the correct footwear that suits your individual needs.

Before providing a footwear recommendation, our Podiatrists will:

  1. make an assessment of your foot type;
  2. assess the needs of your sport or activity;.

The assessment will consider a person’s biomechanics, foot structure, injury history and the activity that they will be used for.

Our Podiatrists will then give you a detailed recommendation of the shoes that you should be buying and where to get them for reasonable prices.

Note – make sure that you bring in at least 3 pairs of shoes that you are currently wearing the majority of the time.



Why Get a Podiatrist to Recommend Your Next Shoe Purchase?

Podiatrists are the health care professionals that specialises in evaluating, diagnosing and treating foot problems.

Podiatrists are able to determine your foot type, make allowances for any medical conditions you have and provide recommendations on the best shoes for you to wear.

Podiatrist shoe recommendations can help you avoid problems caused by poor footwear choices including:

  • foot pains;
  • nasty blisters;
  • overuse injuries;
  • stress fractures;
  • shoes wearing more on one-side; and
  • general discomfort



Why Get Advice From Our Podiatrist?

Our Podiatrist, Oliver Tate, has widespread experience from his time working at specialist footwear store Active Feet and playing professional sport (VFL Football).

Oliver continues to monitor the latest footwear technology and has extensive knowledge of a large range of brands and is well placed to assess your individual foot type and recommend the shoe type that will suit your feet.

To make an appointment to see Oliver, call (03) 9939 3339 or click ‘book online’.



Not Just Running Shoes, Podiatrists Can Advise on Casual and Work Shoes!

Podiatrists can also recommend shoes that are not going to be used in sporting activities.

We can recommend for work, dress or more casual occasion shoes, to match your foot type or orthotics prescription.

We tend to use our work shoes the most, so ensuring that we have a comfortable work shoe is very important for our foot health.

Sometimes people just need a wider or narrower fitting shoe, to match their foot type.

Custom options are available if you have a unique foot type. Where needed, referrals can be written, for the manufacturing of custom footwear.



Podiatrist Recommended Footwear Retailers in Melbourne, Australia

Finding the right shoes often means going to the right shop where the staff know what they are talking about or stock the right brands of shoes.

Below is a list of shops in Melbourne, that are useful for different types of shoes, for your foot functions:

  • Active Feetwww.activefeet.com.au
    Slightly biased, because our Podiatrist previously worked there, but they do a great job and we have no problem recommending people to visit there, for running and sports footwear. Active Feet is a store staffed by Podiatrists and Podiatry Students.Each customer is provided with a free, detailed gait analysis on a treadmill, to determine the most suitable footwear choice for your foot structure.This choice can also take into consideration any orthotics prescriptions that you have.They stock a range of athletics, purist, tech-walking and cross training shoes.
  • Bared Footwearwww.bared.com.au
    Great looking women’s dress shoes designed by former Podiatrist Anna Baird (Baird Shoes). These shoes are not only good for your feet, they look pretty as well!
    It can be so difficult finding shoes that are both comfortable and attractive, so if you are struggling to find nice work shoes, this is the place for you.
  • Ecco Footwearwww.ecco.com
    Large range of Mens dress shoes.
    Very good quality leathers and extra cushioning in the heel, for those who have foot problems.
  • Extra Depth Footwearwww.extradepthfootwear.com.au
    They provide full foot assessments to determine your individual foot shape, the way you walk, the size of your orthotics and physical structure of your foot, to determine the most appropriate shoe for you.
    They are able to provide a range of custom modifications if required.
    In Victoria, they have stores in Elsternwick, Mont Albert, Moonee Ponds and Geelong. For other states, see http://www.comfortandfit.com.au
  • The Athletes Footwww.theathletesfoot.com.au
    Large range of different brands and shoes, that can be used in a variety of activities. Including boots for soccer or football.
  • Rosenburg Shoeswww.rosenburgshoes.com.au
  •  Zierawww.zierashoes.com
    Women’s dress and casual shoes, that are made to accommodate your orthotics.
    When you have orthotics, it can be very difficult to find shoes that your orthotics will fit in.



Thanks for visiting my Podiatry Clinic and hopefully you have gained some insights on which shoes Podiatrists recommend.

Whether you’re trying to find the best shoes for flat feet in Australia, the shoe brands that are good for your feet, the best shoes for plantar fasciitis or just a good pair of walking shoes, an appointment with a Podiatrist can determine which shoes are the best for your feet.