Prolotherapy in Melbourne

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Prolotherapy is an injection technique designed to stimulate healing in injured parts of your body that may be slow to heal or may not have healed completely.

Prolotherapy is the injection of saline, local anaesthetic and glucose into a soft tissue or joint.

The injection triggers a pro-inflammatory response, resulting in the production of new collagen.

It is a safe and effective form of injection aimed at stimulating new connective tissue.


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What injuries is Prolotherapy used on?

At Stride Podiatry we mainly use it on chronic ligament, tendon and joint injuries such as:

  • Lateral ankle sprain/instability
  • Plantar Fasciopathy
  • Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
  • Lis Franc Injuries.
  • Midfoot Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinopathy’s


How many injections are required?

For most foot and ankle injuries 2 to 3 injection sessions are required, generally spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

Your podiatrist will discuss with you the most beneficial treatment plan based on your injury.


Will I be able to walk out after my injection?

Prolotherapy is a walk in, walk out procedure.

However, it is advised to refrain from aggravating activity on the day of the procedure.


What are the risks?

There are risks associated with every procedure and everything you put into your body.

With injections there is a slight risk of infection, bruising or reaction to the substance such as the anaesthetic.

We take great care, use sterile equipment and an aseptic technique, and inject well below your safe maximum dose of local anaesthetic.


How much does Prolotherapy cost?

Prolotherapy is billed as a Comprehensive treatment at $120 per treatment.

The related item number recognised by Private Health funds is F014.


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